Browse Financial Accounting lectures in Urdu/Hindi language  

Lecture01 basic concepts of accounting
Lecture02 record keeping and some basic concepts
Lecture03 systems of accounting and some basic terminologies
Lecture04 single and double entry record keeping
Lecture05 classification of accounts
Lecture06 flow of transactions
Lecture07 basic books of accounts
Lecture08 introduction to financial statements
Lecture09 introduction to financial statements (continued)
Lecture10 exercises- recording of transactions
Lecture11 exercises- recording of transactions (continued)
Lecture12 the accounting equation
Lecture13 vouchers and posting to ledgers accounts
Lecture14 posting to ledgers and recording of stock
Lecture15 recording of stock (continued)
Lecture16 cost of goods sold statement and valuation of stock
Lecture17 fixed assets & depreciation
Lecture18 methods of charging depreciation (continued)
Lecture19 methods of charging depreciation (continued)
Lecture20 depreciation on purchase and disposal of fixed assets
Lecture21 revaluation of fixed assets
Lecture22 bank reconciliation statements
Lecture23 bank reconciliation statements (contd.)
Lecture24 debtors, creditors, accruals and provision for bad debts
Lecture25 provision for bad debts and control accounts
Lecture26 control accounts (continued)
Lecture27 control account (continued)
Lecture28 rectification of error
Lecture29 presentation of financial statements
Lecture30 presentation of financial statements (continued)
Lecture31 type of business entities
Lecture32 financial statements of sole proprietorship
Lecture33 financial statements of manufacturing concern
Lecture34 financial statements of partnership
Lecture35 mark up on capital and drawings
Lecture36 introduction to companies
Lecture37 components of financial statements
Lecture38 financial statements of limited companies
Lecture39 financial statements of limited companies (continued)
Lecture40 financial statements of limited companies (continued)
Lecture41 cash flow statement
Lecture42 cash flow statement (continued)
Lecture43 financial statements of listed/quoted companies
Lecture44 financial statements of listed companies
Lecture45 financial statements of companies & financial ratios

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