Lecture10 Accounting for Losses

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Lecture01 Cost Classification and Cost Behavior
Lecture02 Important Terminologies
Lecture03 Financial Statements
Lecture04 Financial Statements (Continued)
Lecture05 Problems in Preparation of Financial Statements
Lecture06 Preparation of Financial Statements (Contd.)
Lecture07 Material
Lecture08 Control Over Material
Lecture09 Economic Ordering Quantity
Lecture10 Accounting for Losses
Lecture11 Labor
Lecture12 Payroll and Incentives
Lecture13 Piece Rate Base Premium Plans
Lecture14 Labor Turnover And labor Efficiency Ratios & Factory Overheads
Lecture15 Allocation and Apportionment of FOH Cost
Lecture16 Factory Overhead Cost (Apportionment & Variance Analysis)
Lecture17 Factory Overhead Cost (Contd.)
Lecture18 Job Order Costing System
Lecture19 Process Costing System (An Introduction)
Lecture20 Process Costing System (Practice Question)
Lecture21 Process Costing system (Practice Question Contd.)
Lecture22 Process Costing System (Practice Question Contd.)
Lecture23 Process Costing System (Opening Balance of Work in Process)
Lecture24 Process Costing System (Opening Balance of Work in Process (Contd.)
Lecture25 Costing/Valuation of Joint and By Products
Lecture26 Costing/Valuation of Joint and By Products (Contd.)
Lecture27 Marginal and Absorption Costing (Product Costing Systems)
Lecture28 Marginal and Absorption Costing Contd. (Product Costing Systems)
Lecture29 Cost – Volume – Profit Analysis (Contribution Margin Approach)
Lecture30 Cost – Volume – Profit Analysis (Break-Even Approach)
Lecture31 Breakeven Analysis – Margin of Safety
Lecture32 Breakeven Analysis – Charts and Graphs
Lecture33 What is a Budget
Lecture34 Production & Sales Budget
Lecture35 Production Cost Budget
Lecture36 Direct Labour and Factory overhead
Lecture37 BdOperating Expense Budget and Budgeted Income Statement
Lecture38 Cash Budget
Lecture39 Complex Cash Budget & Flexible Budget
Lecture40 Flexible & Zero Base Budgeting
Lecture41 Decisions Making in Management Accounting
Lecture42 Decision Making
Lecture43 Decision Making (Contd.)
Lecture44 Decision Making (Contd.)
Lecture45 Decision Making (Contd.)

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