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Book value per share Dividend yield Formula
Capital intensity Ratio Dividends per share
Cash Coverage Ratio Price to Sales Ratio
Cash Ratio PV of Fixed Dividends share (F)
Current Ratio PV of Fixed Dividends share (P)
Days sales in Inventory Total Stock Return
Days sales in Receivable TIME VALUE OF MONEY
Debt to Equity Ratio Compound interest
Debt to income Ratio Continuous Compounding (S)
Dividend payout Ratio Double Time for continuous compounding
Du Pont Identity Effective interest Rate
Earning per Share (EPS) Future value of Annuities
Equity Multiplier Future value of Growing Annuities
Interest coverage Ratio Number of periods
Internal Growth Rate Perpetuity (PV)
Inventory Turnover Present value of Annuities
Market to Book value per share  Present value of Growing Annuities
Payable Turnover Ratio PV of compound interest
Price to earning Ratio Simple interest
Profit Margin Size of Annuity
Quick Ratio Size of Annuity (PV)
Receivable turnover Ratio OTHER FORMULAS
Retention Ratio Balloon loan Balance
Return on Assets Capital Gain yield
Return on Equity Expected Return
Sustainable Growth Rate Holding period Return
Total Asset Turnover Loan to Deposit Ratio
Total Debt Ratio Loan to Value Ratio
BOND VALUATION Net Working Capital (NWC)
Bond Equivalent Yield Real Rate of Return (RRR)
Present value of a bond Risk Premium 
Yield to maturity Rule of 72
Zero coupon bond yield Tax Equivalent Yield
Average accounting Return
Internal rate of return
Modified Internal rate of return
Net present Value
Payback Period
Profitability index (PI)
Return on Investment