Board of directors

Also known as board of trustees, executive board, board of managers, board of governors, or simply 'board'. Board of directors is the group of members that are elected by shareholders to regulate and supervise the affairs and activities of a company or corporation. Board to directors don't involve in the management of a company, management of a company, management is the responsibility of managers who are elected by board of directors

Board of can be elected by shareholders using any kind voting power (Straight voting, Cumulative voting, Staggering, Proxy Voting)

Usual duties and responsibilities of boards of directors consist of: 
  • Overriding the company by establishing broad policies and objectives 
  • Accounting to the stakeholders for the company's performance. 
  • Ensure the availability of funds to run the company 
  • Approving annual budgets 
  • Selecting, appointing, and reviewing the performance of the chief executive or CEO