Financial Accounting lectures

Accounting Basics 
Accounting Basics 1- Where did Accounting Come From?
Accounting Basics 2- Accounting Equation
Accounting Basics 3- Assets
Accounting Basics 4- Liabilities
Accounting Basics 5- Stockholders Equity
Accounting Basics 6-Expanded Accounting Equation
Accounting Basics 7- Financial Statements
Accounting Transaction 
Accounting Transactions 1- Resources, Events, & Agents
Accounting Transactions 2- Accounting Cycle
Accounting Transactions 3- Asset & SHE Dr & Cr
Accounting Transactions 4- Liabilities Dr & Cr
Accounting Transactions 5- Revenue Dr & Cr
Accounting Transactions 6-Expenses DR & Cr
Accounting Transactions 7- Journal Entries 1
Accounting Transactions 8- Journal Entries 2
Accounting Transactions 9-Asset Anatomy
Mearuring Business Income
Measuring Business Income 1- Accounting Cycle
Measuring Business Income 2-Adjusting JE Assets & Expenses
Measuring Business Income 3-Adjusting JE Liabilities&Revenue
Measuring Business Income 4-Adjusting JE Accruals
Measuring Business Income 5-Adjusted TB & FS
Measuring Business Income 6-Adjusted TB & CJE
Measuring Business Income 7-Closing Journal Entries
Measuring Business Income 8-T Anatomy and Cash
Financial Reporting and Analysis 
Financial Reporting & Analysis 1-Overview
Financial Reporting & Analysis 2-Classified BS
Financial Reporting & Analysis 3-Multistep IS
Financial Reporting & Analysis 4-Liquidity Ratios
Financial Reporting & Analysis 5-Profit&Solvency Ratios
Financial Reporting & Analysis 6-Accounting Conventions
Merchandising Operations 
Merchandising Operations-1-Retail Accounts
Merchandising Operations-2-Sales Periodic & Perpetual
Merchandising Operations-3-Purchases Periodic
Merchandising Operations-4-Purchases Perpetual
Merchandising Operations-5-Income Statement Perpetual
Merchandising Operations-6- Income Statement Periodic
Inventories-1 Periodic FIFO
Inventories-2 Periodic LIFO
Inventories-3 Periodic FIFO LIFO Recap
Inventories-4 Periodic AVERAGE
Inventories-5 Perpetual FIFO
Inventories-6 Perpetual LIFO
Inventories-7 Estimates Gross Margin Method
Inventories-8 Estimates Retail Method
Cash and Receivable or Debtors 
Cash and Receivables -1 Overview
Cash and Receivables-2 Bank Reconciliation
Cash and Receivables- 3 Accounts Receivable
Cash and Receivables -4 Uncollectible Accounts
Cash and Receivables -5 Notes Receivable
Cash and Receivables -6 Journal Entry Recap
Financial Accounting General Terms 
FA 8 1 Current Liabilities
FA 8 2 Notes Payable
FA 8 3 Product Warranties
FA 8 4 Sales and Excise Taxes
FA 8 5 Payroll and Payday
FA 8 6 Payroll and Employers
FA 8 7 Simple and Compound Interest
FA 8 8 Present Value
FA 8 9 Net Present Value Example
Cash Flow Statement-IAS 7
Cash Flow 1 Statement of Cash Flows Format
Cash Flow 2 Operating Activites
Cash Flow 3 Investing Activites-Investments
Cash Flow 4 Investing Activites-Plant Assets
Cash Flow 5 Financing Activites
Cash Flow 6 Example-operating
Cash Flow 7 Example-Investing
Cash Flow 8 Example-financing
Cash Flow 9 Ratios

Accounting Lecture 01 - Basic Concepts
Accounting Lecture 02 Part 1 - Recording Transactions
Accounting Lecture 02 Part II - Transactions and Statements
Accounting Lecture 03 Part I - Debits and Credits
Accounting Lecture 03 Part II - Debits & Credits, Continued
Accounting Lecture 04 Part I - Adjusting Entries
Accounting Lecture 04 Part II - Adjusting Entries, Continued
Accounting Lecture 05 - Closing Entries
Accounting Lecture 06 Part I - LIFO, FIFO & Average Cost
Accounting Lecture 06 Part II - LIFO & FIFO, Concluded
Accounting Lecture 07 Part I - Merchandising and Inventory Purchases
Accounting Lecture 07 Part II - Inventory Sales and the Income Statement
Accounting Lecture 08 Part I - Accounts Receivable and Uncollectible Accounts
Accounting Lecture 10 - Petty Cash
Accounting Lecture 11 - Bank Reconciliations
Accounting Lecture 12 - Division of Partnership Profit and Loss
Accounting Lecture 13 - Bond Issuances, Amortization of Discounts and Premiums
Accounting Lecture 14 - Gains and Losses from Bond Retirements
Accounting Lecture 15 - Investments in Bonds
Accounting Lecture 16 - Bond Issuance/Purchase With Accrued Interest
Accounting Lecture 17 - Corporate Income Statement
Accounting Lecture 18 - Stock Issuances and Treasury Stock
Accounting Lecture 19 - Cash and Stock Dividends


lecture 1: balance sheets part 1
lecture 2: balance sheets part 2
lecture 3:debits and credits
lecture 4: recording transactions
lecture 5: T-accounts
lecture 6 - the accounting cycle

                                             Managerial / Cost Accounting Lectures


Management Process
Management Process-1 Overview
Management Process-2 Plan
Management Process-3 Perform A
Management Process-4 Perform B
Management Process-5 Evaluate
Management Process-6 Communicate 
Cost Concepts
Cost Concepts-1 Terms
Cost Concepts-2 Income Statements
Cost Concepts-3 Manufacturing Income Statement
Cost Concepts-4 Three Mfg. Inventories
Cost Concepts-5 WIP & OH
Cost Concepts-6 OH 3 Approaches
Cost Concepts-7 OH 4 Steps to Success
Cost Concepts-8 OH Traditional & ABC
Job Order Costing
Job Order Costing- 1 Job & Process
Job Order Costing-2 Cost Flows by T a/c
Job Order Costing-3 Job Order Cost Card
Job Order Costing-4 P6 Sept 1-4
Job Order Costing-5 P6 Sept 8-10
Job Order Costing-6 P6 Sept 15
Job Order Costing-7 P6 Sept 22-27
Job Order Costing-8 P6 September 30A
Job Order Costing-9 P6 Sept 30B
Job Order Costing-10 P6 Sept 30C
Job Order Costing-11 P6 Close OH
Process Costing
Process Costing-1 Cost Flows
Process Costing-2
Process Costing-3 Problem 2 Facts
Process Costing-4 P2 FIFO 1 & 2
Process Costing-5 P2 FIFO 3&4
Process Costing-6 P2 FIFO 5 & Recap
Process Costing-7 P2 Average 1 & 2
Process Costing-8 P2 Average 3 & 4
Process Costing-9 P2 Average 5 & Recap
Process Value Analysis
PVA ABC JIT -1 Overview
PVA ABC JIT-5 JIT Philosophy
PVA ABC JIT-6 JIT Types of Time
PVA ABC JIT -7 Evolution of JIT
PVA ABC JIT- 8 JIT Backflushing
PVA ABC JIT -9 JIT Backflushing Example
Cost Behavior
 Cost Behavior -1 Overview
Cost Behavior -2 Cost Behavior Types
Cost Behavior- 3 Estimating Costs
Cost Behavior -4 High Low Example E4
Cost Behavior -5 High Low Example P5
Cost Behavior -6 CVP Income Statement
Cost Behavior -7 CVP Example E8
Cost Behavior -8 Sales Mix Example E10
Budgeting Process
Budgeting Process-1 Overview
Budgeting Process - 2 Sales P6
Budgeting Process - 3 Production P6
Budgeting Process -4 Material Purchases P6
Budgeting Process- 5 Direct Labor P6
Budgeting Process-6 Overhead P6
Budgeting Process-7 SAG Expenses P6
Budgeting Process - 8 COGM P6
Budgeting Process - 9 IS P6
Budgeting Process-10 Cash Budgets E13