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Affinity card
Affinity card is used to make a donation or charity the card issuer makes a donation to an organization every time the card is used
ATM card
ATM card is used in ATM machine while withdrawing funds and it is also used for other banking services 
Business card
Business card is also known as the company or corporate card. Business card is issued by the company to its staff to pay business expenses e.g traveling expenses
Charge card
A charge card is the payment card that require cardholder to settle the account in full at the specified period of time for example diner cards 
Cheque guarantee card
A card that provide guarantee of settlement of cheques up to a particular amount 
Credit card
A card that provide the cardholder facility to make payment or purchase without paying cash at the time of payment or purchase up to a limit. The credit granted in period can be in settled part or full at the end of period and it is the basic difference between a credit card and charge card 
Debit card
It links your bank account with the card and whenever you make payment or purchase something the amount of payment or purchase is deducted from your bank account
Electronic pulse
This card has a stored cash value which can be used to make payments or purchase goods or services it is a alternative to cash and electronic pulse also known as pre-payment card example of card are: Visa cash, Mondex 
Loyalty card
Card issued by the business firms to promote the customers loyalty the holder of card enjoy the facilities of discount, cash back and voucher 
Payment card
It is general term for any plastic card which can be used as payment mode for example credit card, debit card, charge card etc
Purchasing card 
A payment card issued to companies, firms and government departments to make payment to supplier
Smart card
A card which records the detail of payments in its computer chip in spite of magnetic strip 
Shareholder card
A special form of plastic card issued by the companies to their share holders allowing them to make payments for theirs purchases this card allow cardholders discount off on all their purchases charged to the card but the card work only in the shops owned by the card issuer company
Store card 
A payment card that can only be used in a particular retailer or group of retailers
Travel card
Also know as Entertainment card works similar to a charge card