CIMA members are accountants in business. CIMA represent financial mangers and accountants who work in industry, commerce, non profit organisations and public sector organisations. Their key activities are related to business strategy, information strategy and finance strategy. CIMA members are not trained in audit.

CIMA's focus is to qualify students, support members and employers, and protect the public interest. CIMA represent the voice of over 80,000 students and 63,000 members in 155 countries 

CIMA's focus on management functions makes CIMA a unique course and CIMA is internationally recognized as offering the financial qualification for business

CIMA is rapidly becoming the chartered qualification of choice according to recent independent research and CIMA work with leading employers in the UK and around the world to train and qualify financial mangers.

CIMA members and students work across all  business sector at all business sector at all levels throughout the world, demonstrating the flexibility of the qualification