ACCA is the abbreviation of The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. It is the biggest and fastest growing international accounting body and has more than 350,000 students and members in over 170 countries of the world. ACCA has an extensive network of more than 85 staffed offices and other centres all over the world

ACCA's members known as Chartered certified accountants are employed in financial services, industry, private sector and public sector. With the statutory recognition in UK and ireland it has the power to to license its members to work as auditors. In UK it authorises its members to do insolvency work outside UK it is recognized under Eu's mutual recognition Directive in many countries around the world

The professional ACCA course......

ACCA professional scheme is a highly relevant targeted combination of study and practical experience. The slybus is a result of wide research and consultation with government plus other financial institutions

Wherever you are in the world ACCA strive to offer you consistently high standards of training and support. Its personal and virtual study options have control over what you learn, the way that you learn it and the pace at which you work

Future employers will be aware of your potential because your qualification is highly regarded throughout the world and ACCA has effective relationship with local and multinational organisations, accounting bodies, corporates, institutes including the Public sector, Private sector and even the United Nations

Structure of ACCA

ACCA is consists of 14 papers which are divided into four stages or parts (Knowledge, Skills, Essentials, Options) Maximum time to qualify ACCA is 10 years. Papers in any module may be attempted in any order but it is recommended you take them in numerical order