FAQs - Frequently asked questions

Q what is the minimum passing marks in CA?

 Ans The passing marks in  CA is 50% in every subject.

Q Is the passing criteria is different for students who have appeared more than one time? 

Ans  No, the passing criteria is same for the students who have appeared more than one time and for the students who are appearing first time.

Q Does the students hand writing have any impact his on their marks?

Ans  No, there will be no impact on their marks. However,  the hand writing should be legible.
Q Does the performance in one question will impact the marks obtained in other questions? 

Ans  No, the there will be no impact on the marks of other questions.

Q Does the inability to attempt any question will give rise to failure of whole paper?

Ans  No, the inability to attempt any will not result in the complete failure of paper.

Q Does any student allow to use a real name or roll number while  writing a letter or report?

Ans  No, the names shouldn't be used while writing the letter or report etc. However XYZ and ABC can be used

Q is training mandatory for CA?

Ans  Yes, training from register firm is necessary in CA.

Q CA, is it tough?

Ans  It depends on you. Different people see difficulty level differently. However, most of the people perceive CA as a tough course.

Q will i be paid during my training period?

Ans  yes, you will be paid by the firm the minimum prescribed stipend.

Q can any candidate appear in the PPT on result awaiting basis?
Ans  yes, s/he can