CA (Pak)


ICAP is a abbreviation of the institute of chartered accountants of Pakistan. It was established on July 1,1961 to regulate the professional accountancy in the Pakistan. It was established under the Chartered Accountant Ordinance 1961. ICAP is a member of
  • The South Asian federation of Accountant (SAFA), 
  • Confederation of Asian Federation and Pacific Accountants(CAPA) 
  • the member of International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) 

It is an organization of chartered accountants of Pakistan. The members of ICAP are known as ACA's (Associate Chartered Accountants) or FCA's (fellow Chartered Accountants). ICAP's members are qualified Chartered Accountants (CA). ICAP conducts examination to enroll its members. A person that qualifies CA is referred to as Chartered accountant or ACA after ten year of experience s/he is known as the FCA

The CA program by ICAP

The CA course is offered by ICAP. CA is consists of six modules referred to as A, B, C, D, E and F. The first four modules consist of 6 months each module and last two consist of 18 months each with practical training which is known as articles. A qualified CA is known as ACA (associate chartered accountant) after 10 year of experience s/he become FCA (fellow Chartered Accountants)

Chartered Accountants work in the firms as Auditor. CA may also works for the different big and small companies and various business entities. For a chartered accountant there are a large number of opportunities.